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Portfolio management expertise for institutional and private clients

Pratte is an asset management firm based in Ottawa/Gatineau and Mont-Tremblant. We manage portfolios for a diverse clientele. Our approach is characterized by comprehensive service, encompassing both portfolio management and customized wealth management.

We excel in capital growth and income generation for our clients. Our investment products are adaptive and underpinned by rigorous and proven investment strategies. By combining cutting-edge quantitative analysis with advanced investment techniques, we are able to optimize returns while mitigating risk.
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100M$ +

Managed portfolios

Managing over $100 million for a diversified clientele, our approach meets the specific needs of two distinct market segments: institutional and private clients.


As of July 31, 2023

Our Growth Mandate has an annualized return of 20.10%, reflecting our performance over the past 12 months, and is designed for investors seeking to maximize their growth.


Quantitative and systematic

Our decision-making is based on economic data. Our approach combines advanced mathematical models, market indicators and AI-generated insights to optimize our strategies.
Our Regulatory Structure
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Our regulatory structure

Trust is at the heart of our relationship with our customers. That's why we adhere to strict regulations.

Institutional Clients

At Pratte Portfolio Management, our institutional investment strategies, centred on our proprietary "Quant Dynamics" approach, are designed to generate alpha and excess returns. We use a combination of advanced artificial intelligence models and quantitative analytics to build dynamic and robust portfolios.

Our team of experts analyzes a wealth of data, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for active portfolio management. This methodology allows us to effectively identify investment opportunities with high return potential, with a particular focus on active risk management.
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Private Client

For our private wealth management clients, we offer tailor-made investment strategies. Whether you're aiming for aggressive capital growth or stable revenue generation, our solutions are tailored to your specific goals.

We combine our expertise in big data collection and analysis with rigorous risk management, ensuring maximized returns tailored to your investment profile. Our commitment to personalization and performance ensures that you have an investment strategy that precisely meets your financial expectations and goals.
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From our offices in Gatineau and Mont-Tremblant, we combine a local presence with cutting-edge financial expertise, offering a personalized approach for every customer.


200 Montcalm Street, Suite R-8
Gatineau, Qc J8Y 3B5


1992 ch Du Village
Mont-Tremblant, Qc J8E 1K4