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North American Equity Fund, year-to-date performance 2023 (As of July 31, 2023)
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Pratte Portfolio Management is an independent investment firm based in Ottawa/Gatineau and Mont-Tremblant.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing customized financial solutions to meet the needs of affluent families, entrepreneurs and institutional investors. Our approach is based on rigorous analysis and a long-term vision. Our mission is to accompany our customers with expertise, building relationships based on trust and transparency.

Our objective is clear: to optimize, secure and put your investments to work.

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Designed to manage assets for affluent families, entrepreneurs and institutions. Our active investment strategies combine quantitative analysis, technical expertise and risk management to optimize returns. We offer investment solutions designed to adapt to changing market conditions, which are robust and dynamic.

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Whether you're looking for capital growth or stable income, our products, such as the Pratte North American Equity Fund, the Pratte Income Fund and our Growth, Balanced and Conservative Mandates, are designed to meet your needs. They combine robustness and flexibility, and are designed to adapt to market fluctuations.
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Pratte North American Equity Fund

Designed for affluent families and institutional investors, the fund's primary objective is to maximize long-term capital growth. To achieve this, the fund invests primarily in liquid North American stocks, selected for their earnings growth potential and their tendency to withstand market fluctuations. This approach aims to offer investors sustained capital growth.


Pratte Income Fund

This fund is designed for investors seeking to maximize income while preserving capital. Our objective is to generate stable, predictable income by investing primarily in quality North American fixed-income securities.


Growth Mandate

The Growth Mandate is a dynamic investment solution designed specifically for sophisticated investors seeking to maximize capital growth. It incorporates the Pratte North American Equity Fund, a fund focused on maximizing long-term capital growth by investing in liquid North American securities. These stocks are carefully selected for their earnings growth potential and resilience to market fluctuations.


Balanced Mandate

The Balanced Mandate is an investment solution designed for investors seeking a harmonious balance between growth and income. It combines the strengths of the growth-oriented Pratte North American Equity Fund and the income-oriented Pratte Income Fund.


Conservative Mandate

The Conservative Mandate focuses on capital preservation and the generation of regular income. It favors a larger allocation to the Pratte Income Fund, while maintaining moderate exposure to the Pratte North American Equity Fund to benefit from growth opportunities.

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Our team is made up of exceptional financial specialists, dedicated to helping you achieve your investment goals. Each member is chosen for his or her expertise and strategic vision. With Pratte, you benefit from rigorous, transparent management tailored to your needs.

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Stay on top of the latest financial trends affecting the markets. Our team of experts is constantly on the lookout for global news to keep you informed.